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To this day, MEN,, you are at the mercy of females! [A missed upload] -> MGTOW

for_Archangel Liberation_Y
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Published on 16 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

Archangel's backup channel REVOLUTION Y: - Oct/2017

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 2 months ago

Video is restricted to 18+
How do I fix this?

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for_Archangel Liberation_Y

Hello - Go to your ''SETTING " page, 1/2 way down, and adjust your age to over 18 years old.

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ancientsea 2 months ago

I have a pal, 'Double-Tea', who was almost a mentor, to me and maybe a couple others, in some respects. He mentioned that when he was young he was considered top 10 percent by females. Naturally, I had to check this claim. To my surprise he was considered, "at least" top ten percent. Now, after listening to Michael Beck, I recall something T-T said a couple of years ago . Double Tea said that he had worked out, all his life, to be the ''best man he could be'' until he realized that female conduct had become so base that their behavior was beneath him offering them this dignity. As Beck might say, " whatever you exercise for the Vaginocracy, with the intention of gaining female favor, is a fools errand."

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DruidVW 2 months ago

R.I.P Archangel.
You are well and truly missed.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Lance any boil on the body-politic and you'll find JEWS feeding the infection.

NAME THE JEW or you'll never get to the (((ROOT))) of the problem.

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DruidVW 2 months ago

The Hitler deception (he was an illuminati character, created to exterminate Germany's and many other nation's white alpha males and to discredit any future broaching of the Jewish question, or the Jewish problem) has done its job well. Even 70 years later, dumb ass American sheeple consider the bagel biters our bestest ally evar. They buy into the hollow hoax scam hook line and sinker. They would never dare question the big lie, lest they be branded "anti-semite. A jewish contrived bludgeoning word that ruins gentile lives, the moment it is uttered.There's really no reaching most of them, since the Kosher poison has been in the proverbial well for almost a century. Remember, this little corporal, this little deep state embarrassment cost the world 70 million corpses.

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cth96190 2 months ago

What I have seen women do, sometimes to me, has caused me to think occasionally that the only good femoid....

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