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To Live Simply You Have To Be Extraordinary SMH!

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

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SchemeHub 3 days ago

Everything is Backwards.

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BIGLOAD 3 days ago

Man chillin' in the crib.

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orangedynamite 4 days ago

America is a certified matriarchy, you'll always be shafted in america that's why you gotta be a superman or else a chick will look at you like a chump. If it was a patriarchy we could be more normal and still have all the perks. When they uplifted woman they screwed up the social equation between male and female. What we see is the effect of what's happened. Sad part is we live within this scenario. When you really get down to it man you will always be alone all the way to the grave. You'll die before or after ur chick. We get buried in solo caskets.

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 4 days ago

unfortunate but true. People that have satisfaction and contentment in their nature are now forced to operate as the total opposite. Not because they want to but because of self preservation. Sad times, but the upside is these times create stronger men.

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