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Published on 04 Jan 2022 / In Other

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Max_Dominate 4 months ago

Too many questions for someone who has "Hit the Wall".

   1    0
BIGLOAD 4 months ago

Yeah- it's called having your cake & eat it too.

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Leader_Desslok 5 months ago

Sounds like she should find a nice woman to have a "non relationship" with . In 43 seconds she managed to ask for 2 mutually exclusive things . 1:Wants to be single and still have own time and space . Also wants someone to talk to every day.without a relationship. 2: Wants to hold hands and cuddle and have monogamous sex . Without being in a relationship. This sounds like what women accuse men of wanting . I think she needs to find a girlfriend that hates relationships as much as she does . then they can waste the best years of each others lives with this "non relationship" situation. After that they can end their "non relationship " and treat each other like disposable people. The same thing that they do to men.

   2    0
Generationless 5 months ago

Sounds like it's time for her to get a cat and a male sex doll!

   4    0
nexus1961 5 months ago

ETA to her impacting the Wall:
Any second now.

   5    0
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