TikTok Proves How Much It Sucks For Average Looking Teenagers

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Published on 06 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

To an adult, TikTok eboys are just a cringe feature of gen z.
But I can imagine a lot of teenagers feeling shal we say... rather left out...

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Fangs13 4 months ago

e-pimps for e-whores this is disgusting

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tekrat 4 months ago

there is way too much attention on looks these day compared to the 70's and 80's. people were shallow back then sure but they were not narcissitic like today.

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I want to enlighten you all with the comment. "The average person is basically ugly". (so everyone pretty much fits in)

I read an article by this woman for Cosmo magazine, from the time when Elle McPherson was fameous. She was thinking that all the guys went apeshit at the mere mention of her name... "She is sooooo gorgeous" - she thought. So she asked her boyfriend at the time, "What do you think of Elle McPherson?" (in terms of fuckability / attractiveness etc). He replied, "I don't like her". Foolish woman fell off her seat with shock horror, at the mere thought, and so she asked him, "Why don't you like her?" He replied, "Her neck is too long".

I shared this with a few friends and it was put forward that because Elle was so tall and slender - that essentially she was a mutant, amongst women, with features more like a stick insect than a human being.


Elle's Giraffe Neck.

I don't know much about her in a personal sense, never met her etc., but she fits the impossible to be "woman your not" for the average person, promoted by the parastitic arseholes in the fashion industry.....

AND I am not overwhelmed with the desire to meet her and live with her for a while to sus her out, to pick the locks in her head and all that - but the average person is basically kind of ordinary and there are many things about them that ARE attractive, and the most important one is character, and brains, and the ability to be pro-active in advance... Like "I don't know how to change and or fix flat tyres on a car or motorcycle, I will do a combination of reading the OWNERS manual and then reading up on fixing punctures.... and thinking things through, "Oh I don't have to pull the wheel off, I can use a puncture plugging kit, and pull the nail out, file the hole and apply some adhesive and poke in a glue covered fiber plug and it seals holes up to 8mm in diameter.... Oh bonus! - It was a slow leak from the nail, the tyre isn't damaged from running flat - cool just plug it up and pump it up and away we go."

That is a HUGE bonus compared to "Oh fix the flat tyre? But I don't know what to do!" (So I am not even going to make any effort to find out what to do either = lazy, lying, brain dead, cunt)

Oh showing intiative, that counts for a real lot in terms of emotional health and partner satisfaction.

So if Elle ran into me simply by good luck one day, and said, "Oh you are so fucking awesome, I just have to make you a sandwich", I might be inclined to accept her offer. I might even bless her with my company for a while. She might actually be a pretty decent person - I don't know - never met her.

So average people need to focus on showing initiative, growing brains, taking an interest in the great wide world and the huge universe, and keeping themselves disciplined to be in good shape, starting by avoiding eating the lethal sugar filled shit from the supermarket.




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