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Thoughts On The Miss America Changes

Published on 01 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

Recently the archons on the council decided to do away with the swimsuit and evening gown competition of Miss America. My interpretation of this can be found here.



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ExperimentalGroup 29 days ago

I’ve dated someone that was a contestant in a beauty pageant. First thing is they are fake. Second their stories are fake, and their body counts high. Thirdly, they have the personality of a cardboard cutout person and are rife with mental issues. Fourth, entitlement. If you are an attractive female they believe the world rolls out a red carpet. That shit alone gets old real fast and soon no amount of sex can drown out the drama. Scary enough, these are a sampling of the top shelf women.
Wow, I think I’m officially done.

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anonmachina 3 months ago

I do not follow pageant s or any such, but I do recall watching Miss America and Miss Universe a couple of times...a couple of decades ago (I do not believe it proper to comment on things I have not explored)....but, damn, with regards to appearance, I opine standards have been allowed to degrade.... EXTENSIVELY.

No, I'm no CHAD, TODD, JUAN, or TYRONE. But looking at the thumbprint, my past forays into that aspect of humanity were a lot more appealing.

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How do people rate "attractiveness"? There is only ONE woman in this that I think is good looking, Center, in the red dress, behind the woman in the green dress sitting down. The tall red head, front row, third from the left is good looking too..... But the rest of them..... I would not pick them to bring home and make me a sandwich....

But then character and brains comes into it too.... And what are their bodies like? Are they sane? Or are they one of these "nice girls with the big smile" that are off the deep end with "MORE" issues?

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