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This Video Will Leave You Speechless

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Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs


the nerve of her :P

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4_ArchAngel 1 month ago

This video was rich. As he initially greets her - she tells him to fuck off. A few moments later, when she realizes there is a problem, she asks him to help. Her idea of ''help'' is the guy doing the work, after which, she would drive away and tell her girlfriends that he was an asshole. The females actually don't like, or care, about males.

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Max_Dominate 2 months ago

This is great!

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Gonzo17ab 2 months ago

Silly girl thinking her pussy had any kind of power. Lol they always tell on themselves.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 2 months ago

I love when justice is served

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I am in contact with this woman..... and it took her two hours into the conversation to bring up the fact that she is married and she only ever said it once......

None of this, "Oh me and my boyfriend" - "My boyfriend - this, that and the other" every 5 minutes, like a retard.

This narcisistic, retarded, ingrate, lazy, self centered shit in the video......


"Oh the tyres flat - what do I do?" = which means, "Can you come and help me and do it for me, while I face book all my friends - about what a lazy cunt I am and how this dumb fuck nice guy is doing it all for me".

These days I tell women, "It's your car, you are the one driving it, your the one who is responsible for looking after it. What does the owners manual say?"

"Oh how do I change the flat tyre?"

"Do what everyone else does, follow the instructions, in the owners manual."

Unless she is genuinely crippled or something - if she is able bodied - she can do it all her self.

"It's so good to be equal - and your such a stunning, brave and empowered woman - you DON'T need no man!"

And leave her to it.

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Not only is she supremely selfish, I don't think she has a boyfriend either....

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