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This Video Exposes The TRUTH About Single Mothers

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Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Limitless1 24 days ago

Majority of single mothers don't work hard at all ...
These single mothers get monthly child support from their ex-husband / ex-boyfriend ..
Don't feel sorry for them feel sorry for you because if you fuck her and you knock her / impregnate her , they she will ruin your life , ruin your finances and you will pay my friend $$$,$$$,$$$

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NoFemVAL 26 days ago

Single mothers are poison.

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Maybe these women could become bridges of Christ....

Jesus and his 10 boyfriends and Satan and that back stabbing jew, are desperate for neurotic losers.

I mean new wives....

They get together in oppressed women only clubs.

And they get magic skills like flying powers and everything.

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libertyanyday 28 days ago

learn how to kill spiders yourself............. dont want no other man kids............. single mothers are gonna die alone

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mrghoster 28 days ago

FUCK OFF, you mad CUNT's! lol! why is it they all speak like 5 year old's. Instead of doing or saying anything about making them attractive to MEN they all instantly jump on the VICTIM Band wagon, looking for some Simp so desperate for pussy that he would take on all the problems for a dry large Stink Hole! lol! Not ME!

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Fangs13 25 days ago

"why is it they all speak like 5 year old" they ARE 5 years in their brains.

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GhostPlodderES 29 days ago

Bitch, who's fault is it you're single? Touch shit, you vampires don't appreciate a man when you have him. I can dump that bitch I'm married to on the fire with you and you can both burn the fuck in hell.

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sauger1001 29 days ago

There's plenty of info out there regarding dating single mothers. The only guys who think there's nothing wrong with dating them are mostly:
"Simps... Simps... desperation for pvssy".
Replicant Fish

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Freedomfirst1 29 days ago


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The Spartan
The Spartan 29 days ago

I wouldn't worry one bit about these broken femons - they're both STRONG and INDEPENDENT.
Plus, are you kidding - some other dood's kids? If I'm gonna raise any kids they better be mine with proof of DNA.
If they want help, they can get one more job and hire a baby-sitter.

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SOUKadath 29 days ago

Real world example: "You can pay my kid's dental bills if you want." She addresses her debt as though it's an opportunity to enjoy something, when in reality she's whining that she can't handle her crap. Hard pass.

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I mean I am not a totally heartless prick... but I am not into rescuing women who are brainwashed with feminisim, and who are shit at mate selection, and have lots of issues AND kids......

AND the amount of DIVORCED women, who shit can the marriage for free cash at his expense...


Bye Bye Liability.

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