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This New Study Makes Women Look SO BAD!

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Published on 10 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

Everything in this video are symptoms of the Jew World Order. It is 100% Jewish to create chaos and impose tyranny to quell any push for unauthorized order which could counteract the goals of the JWO.

If you don't believe me, read Harold Wallace Rosenthal, Maurice Samuel, and Abe Foxman. Three prominent Jews who reflect the Jew Mind Virus. They are not exceptions at all but the rule.

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CatFoodMillionaire 3 months ago

females do not regret P&Ds by chad and tyrone. She regrets that her magical vajayjay was not able to make him into a slave on her plantation.

Microchimerism scrambles her brain.

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TelepathicRapist 3 months ago

you are right man, they would just regret if people found out and it made her look bad in some way.

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Mr_Sluggo 3 months ago

Bottom line...The modern women just don't give a fuck.
They lack pair bonding tendencies.

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Sir_666 3 months ago

Basically, due to Feminism brainwashing Women in conjunction with Society supporting Women for Bad decisions & Poor Behavior ... Modern day Women generally, if not most, do not Consider the Consequences for their Actions nor generally care as long as it suits them at the Moment.

We don't need Scientific studies to Figure this out nor arrive at that Epiphany.

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FatAlbert 3 months ago

You mean that the Bad Boy sex model is more successful than the Nice Guy model? I think most men already know that.

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

Good social culture supports the Good Man and rebukes the Bad Boy. Women will seek after whatever is promoted because they want to be part of the whole. The kind of man that a woman lusts after is a direct measure of a civilization's rise or decline. The rise of the Bad Boy proves the decline of civilization and all the obligations that support it.

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I liked Alexander Grace.... but there are a lot of good presenters... It's nice to see him still in business.

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AvyScottAndFlower 3 months ago

In other words

Once a hoe

ALWAYS a hoe.

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JMGTOW 3 months ago

or All Women Are Like That

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sardonicsmile 3 months ago

Basically, morals are subjective and arbitrary.
Females use shaming tactics, based on perceived morals,, nevertheless, to encourage behavior from men they want, i.e attention, time, money, and discouraged behavior they do not want. Bottom 80% of men to remain invisible and continue to make society functioning.

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TelepathicRapist 3 months ago

women were not intended to play the lead role in society that they are today. They have taken control of the western political apparatus via democracy.

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