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This is Why They Want Palestine - Amazing Prediction WW3

The Vigilant One
The Vigilant One
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Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In Other

⁣⁣[REUPLOAD] This is Why They Want Palestine - Amazing Prediction WW3

The video is a reupload from a YouTube channel. YouTube's new policies and algorithms are summarized as hiding the truth from the viewers. As social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and so on are puppets of the same agendas, it's not new to us knowing that YouTube is occupied with the same nature of obliterating some of the most eye opening content ever found. You are advised to watch the whole video and not to judge it in the very beginning or in the middle of it. Peace.

About the Video: Famous Islamic scholar Dr. Israr Ahmad (late) explains how the world has come into a tight grip of secret societies and upcoming events like WW3.

Diclaimer: Dear viewer, if you have been hating Islam for a long time, consider watching the videos found on this channel. The videos click the mind and might urge the viewer to think deeply. All the videos explain in detail what's actually going around the world. You are most welcome, peace be there wherever you reside, peace be with you and your family. Have a nice day.

About 'The Vigilant One': It's all about reuploading some of the most exclusively compelling, brain clicking and amazing videos found around the internet that are mostly censored or removed from the original uploaded platforms (like YouTube). Additionally, the channel aims to 'not easily' letting go away the hard work of spirited content creators who have the zeal and eager to inform us about the dark, yet sad realities of the world, who are working day and night just to inform how the world is moving into a new era and how to prepare for the up coming events.

Link to the original video: https://youtu.be/EuI13jOgIIU
Link to the channel, the original creator of the video: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCmv_uVJVSPaPs9I4-

All the rights and credits of the video goes to the respective creator.

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