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This Is What Happens When Women Lead

Published on 26 May 2020 / In Entertainment


⁣This video is about various examples of female leadership.

Game: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Fighter: Marth

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Johnny_Cage 6 months ago

You have to consider that Europeans interacted and benefited from ideas and technologies that were spread from the huge, connected landmass of Eurasia. Gunpowder and firearms were from China [pioneered to fight the Mongols actually] and the idea was spread to Europe thru the massive trade routes.
From the 1300's to the 1500's, the Ottomans, Persians, etc. kept improving on the design and efficiency of gunpowder/firearms because they needed an edge in battle. This continued as it the tech spread into Europe thru the invasions of the Ottoman Empire. Also, one of the reasons the Spanish reconquered their whole peninsula was because they adopted and refined their guns to be lighter, more accurate, and more effective than the Emirate of Cordoba [the Almohad and the Almoravids].

The islands and sections of North America where Columbus landed were isolated geographically. If you read the accounts of the Cree, Suwanee, Muskogee Creek, etc., you'll find that they're oral record keepers attested to the massive collapse in cooperation and trade when the European caused disease outbreaks. The deadly epidemic that wiped out over 90 percent of the New World populations, were brought over on day one.
The extreme temperate and tropical climate of the New World made large congregations of people inevitably suffer periodic plagues and sicknesses, even before Europeans arrived [this is true for Africa too, which is centered right on the fucking equator which people love to ignore]. So large societies were pretty much impossible, which limited cooperation before modern Western medicine developed to combat these diseases and parasite infections. That development had to come from Europe, which had domesticated animals and a safe environment/climate for large civilizations.

How much work and advancement could have ever been done in Europe and Asia if there were no horses, cows, goats, chickens, or anything that could force-multiply for lots of labor? Because there were only ornery llamas in the New World, and ONLY in the Andes highlands.
The development and administration of the Inca Empire is a fucking massive feat in and of itself. Lots of people just purposely ignore what the Aztec and Inca accomplished WITHOUT HORSES OR ANY OTHER DOMESTICATED ANIMALS. No easy feat without those animals or gunpowder or metals like iron or bronze. I'd say more impressive than what the Europeans did [who simply improved on existing technologies and resorted to stealing silk and other trade secrets from other societies].

Lol, but the Spaniards just waltzed in and slaughtered everyone right? Nope. Often forgotten [purposely fucking neglected] is that they had the allies of enemy tribes, which they used to take down the powerful nations first. Then, they pitted those allies against each other until their work was largely almost done for them. And, as mentioned above, all these tribes/nations that they 'took over/killed off' WERE MASSIVELY WEAKENED FROM THE FUCKING DOZENS OF DISEASES THAT THEIR NASTY ASSES SPREAD AROUND EVERYWHERE.

I don't mean to be harsh, but I hate when people just ignore all these factors when talking about the colonization/enslavement/genocide of the Americas. All these points are crucial factors of the story. Much like how Europeans died from diseases in Africa before quinine was accidentally discovered as a cure for tropical diseases.
The Africans did not "just steamroll over the advanced Europeans because the European were weaklings." There were natural circumstantial obstacles impeding the Europeans from exploring Africa before quinine was discovered.

Same with the New World and how the pandemics massively weakened any resistance to the colonizers.

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