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This Is What Dating Will Look Like In 2023…

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Published on 15 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣This Is What Dating Will Look Like In 2023…

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crimsonhawk 2 days ago

This is what a thousand cooks blasting in her looks like

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WMHarrison94 3 days ago

I thought she was crying and covering it up with a fake laugh? Oh well...

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SQUEAK077 4 days ago

Ever seen a car with 2 flat tires on it or you see a car being sold that was previously in a flood these are women today bald flat and useless. like tits on a boar. Shaking my head... best to be single never ever help a woman even if broke down.

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atruthseeker123 6 days ago

Sounds like damaged goods. No thanks.

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kaluz55 8 days ago

Sparks don't matter. She's supposed to find a man to submit to, start a family and perform the duties of a wife and mother.

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InfiniteMushroom 6 hours ago

Yes! Women have been trained to react to the pizzazz and Hollywood fantasy cues. Women used to look for a man with good farm land or a good career with a big company or has his own brick and mortar store in town. None of that is flashy but they show a man who has his shit together.

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