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This angry contractor is making it clear he doesn't work for free!

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Published on 16 Nov 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣This angry contractor is making it clear he doesn't work for free!

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whatever1 20 days ago

Also increases costs for everyone in the future because now the business has to screen people much more to see if they have the money to pay before hand and the business has to consider lowering the quality of their materials to make up for the costs. Which results in a delayed bathroom for upstanding citizens and possibly even lower quality passed off.

When you cannot trust people to do basic things it results in a lower quality life for everyone, and a decreased population as well is an unseen cost. People coming home from wwii trusted each other much more and the trust has been gradually degrading. Women have never had it so easy. Every invention that gains popularity, gains it because a woman likes it. Men are happy with nothing.

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nest006 21 days ago

Lie cheat and steal works great with "elections", but working men will give you a reality check.

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Councilof1 21 days ago

You get what you pay for. Good luck getting that repaired without paying through the nose up front. That was the good thing about repairing computers people had to pay to get their computers back. No pay equals no computer.

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Generationless 22 days ago

Unfortunately it was his only recourse. When I worked for a small plumbing company, there was a couple jobs the boss didn't get paid for. He took them to court, and won. But when they didn't pay the award of the court, he was told he'd have to take them back to court just to collect.

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mgtowisfreedom2 13 days ago

And who wins in the end the lawyers do

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Generationless 13 days ago

@mgtowisfreedom2: Always.

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Pay the man, dummies! I think he's justified.

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sauger1001 22 days ago

Nice workout, those demo jobs. Did one for a store at a shopping mall. Had 6 temps helping me, and it took us roughly 18 hours straight to complete.

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