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Think men can't live without women?

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Published on 09 Aug 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Mt Athos, Greece. Not all Christians are built the same. These men created their own power source, food, and live longer because of good health habits. Women have not been able to set foot there for 1000 years. The echo of a long forgotten culture extending from the Byzantine Empire itself.

UPDATE: if you would like to see the Easter celebration with the⁣ moving chandeliers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ0rkp0UzT8
⁣Not everyone is Christian but most people can appreciate the beauty of this anyway.

Reminds me of a song... ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTHXi97KQNA

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Shadewalker 17 days ago

That look like a nice place, they seem to take vary good care of it. Wonder if they need a hand?

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LongRedRoad 1 month ago

it looks like heaven may.

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libertyanyday 2 months ago

there is NOT A SINGLE place that is female only, like this........... MEN create, females destroy

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 1 month ago

More accurately, men reduce entropy -- that is to say, they organize, energize, infuse as well as explore, build, research, repair, maintain, while women... just use up resources so energy (especially in the form of money) constantly becomes less and less available, as they increase entropy through disorder, chaos and drama as they need men to provide for them because they become entitled Disney princesses. Men create the wealth, women spend it...

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Councilof1 2 months ago

Nice. Sounded perfect minus the no meat part. Amazing some of the things that still exist.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

Soon, more people , whether they like it or not, will be off the grid, bc there won't be one, thanks to the mentally incompetent puppet of the globalists (as well as those leftist minions stupid enough to follow him), Creepy Joe Biden.

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Crazymic79 2 months ago

NO MEAT?! Nah, sorry, can't do it.

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Defundthehoes 2 months ago

Understandable, I too am a meat eater. But you have to admit this place is impressive as hell. It's like one of those places Indiana Jones would go to look for some ancient artifact.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

I didn't see any young men over there. Was it because lower age limit?

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boby 1 month ago

There are even very young but as seldom as it is for a man to become monk even more seldom at a young age

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