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These Days, Most Women Are Pigs MIRROR

Published on 13 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

A listener would like a refresher course on short term gratification vs. long term satisfaction regarding relationships. Dr. Laura has a story to tell...

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Sir 4 months ago

If the legal system remains as it is Currently, allowing Any Woman to Charge a Man whether Dating or in a Relationship/Marriage with False Allegations .i.e. ( Assault, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Sexual Coercion ...etc) then what this woman is saying or is suggesting means Nothing!

Furthermore, if the current Divorce Court laws still also remain Biased against Men while heavily Favoriting Women then there is little chance for Long-term Satisfaction for Men in Marriages. Since the Men would be taking " All the Risks with next to No Benefits " and the Women would have " All the Control in the Marriage " .i.e. ( Sex only when/if she wants, ...etc) along with the ability to Divorce Rape him whenever she wants without any good reason.

And the biased Divorce court laws give "Every Woman" incentives to this .i.e. ( 50%-70% of the Assets, Child Support that she can Renegotiate for more later on, Alimony - possibly, as well as partially the Man's Pension, perhaps ). And we all know Women initiate 70-80% of All Divorces.
So it's a Win-Win scenario for mostly all Women & a Lose-Lose mostly for all Men.

Therefore if the current Legal & Divorce Court remain as they are then Short term Gratification is as good as it gets for all Men! As the expression goes, "It is not that All women Will, it's that All Women Can Screw you over". And they can decide to that at Any Time, 24/7.

Lastly, if Women like in that Video wants to really Positively change the dynamics of relationships between Men & Women then why don't these women Campaign & Vote to change the Legal system & Divorce Court Laws to be EQUAL rather than Overwhelming favoring Women??!! Without such Actions & changes, All words from Women are Meaningless and Pretentious at best.

Of course, the reason is albeit obvious, Women don't really want Equality. They want Supremacy over Men, with All the Benefits, and with No Accountability. Full stop.

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Madrigal Publishing Ltd

Forwarded this to my daughter. Probably won't do much good, but her fat, lying, whore of a mother would never tell her to keep her knickers on until she's married.

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BlackpillRevolution 4 months ago

You should watch this video and forward to your daughter also, it a long video but it is very educational.

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wroger_wroger 4 months ago

She is blunt, but she is still a manipulative cunt with biases and down playing womens issue and slagging off the men....

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Pale_Profit 4 months ago

They were all pigs from the beginning.Feminism has exposed their true nature

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AvatarOfSgrA* ShaperOfThings

Women are pigs/pretenders (these days) because of how the laws have been gradually reshaped to allow such entitlement, lack of accountability, carelessness, unjustified boldness, ETC.

The sorta traditionalism she's referring to is how you find men getting married JUST to get laid. Or women getting married JUST to move out of her parents' house.

Not to mention that the woman's family is CONSTANTLY running interference for her fuckery. Her family IS her PR team, they'll do whatever they have to in regards to "reputation guarding". They'll weave just as deceptive an illusion as these MODERN trollops. With their false faces (cosmetics), false physiques (injections, surgeries, fashion styles, ETC.), false accomplishments (participation trophies, [non-essential] careers, "righteous" causes, useless degrees, ETC.), false statuses ([essential] careers that they quit [thus, wasting YEARS of government funding/debt], getting high pay [only to be MASSIVELY in debt], calling themselves things like "queen" [even when they have STIs, kids from men they didn't stay committed to, poor decision-making skills, mental health issues, lack of pair-bonding ability, promiscuous sexual history, lack of impulse-control, ETC.] ).

"Love" and "admiration" are the furthest a man can get from actually UNDERSTANDING a woman. Both those things lead a man to become infatuated with his own projection of who he THINKS she is, or who he WANTS/NEEDS her to be. Which will (likely) cause him great heartache in the long run, when he's crushed by his own DISAPPOINTMENT. He MIGHT even get the TradCon version of the Red Pill Rage!

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Wolf178 4 months ago


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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 4 months ago

wow this woman is on point

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chesterdoug 4 months ago

Yep !

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