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⁣The U.S. Military: A Culture of Forced Vaccinations | Live From The Lair

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Published on 19 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

How the powers that be in the corrupted U.S. military use weasel words and legalese to scare enlisted into being Big Pharma guinea pigs. Fight back.

#Military #VaccineMandate #Vaccines

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Maverick7508 4 days ago

Well, the proteins should affect(as far as I know) the heart, reproductive organs, and one other major system(I forget). Also the vaccine effectiveness(which is not good to begin with) drops to 20% of optimal by 5-7 months post injection.

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 13 30 days ago

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Important information to distribute!

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celticgaurdian1400 1 month ago

I too fear what will happen after everyone who still has honor and at least one spark between their ears decides to not reenlist. When the numbers drop faster than how the infidels are treated by the "Religion of Peace" we as a nation are going to be screwed, I mean look how much blood China and Russia are smelling as it is today let alone in a couple of years.
If it wasn't for my busted knee, I'd be terrified of an enslavement-I mean forced draft.

I'd already told the higherups where I work that "if you are going to be mandating that poison before I can go back into the office, then get used to only seeing me on Zoom calls if I have the camera plugged in. If you are still going to force it further to work from home when I pose no threat to others then I will be filing a lawsuit for misleading hiring practices for not requiring any form of genetic manipulation before I was hired and now requiring it, as enforceable by the laws under the EEOC and Title VII, even though it was not required to have said vaccination to work from home as I do not pose a threat to other employees in the office. A reasonable accommodation has been made in the form of telework and in doing so, no longer requiring any other medical procedure to continue with the agreed upon employment duties for the job description that I had signed and agreed to on the employment contract. Now you are more than welcome to buy me out of my contract for the agreed upon amount and I will let it be known to my clients that I will no longer be handling their accounts and that another agent will be made the account representative, as I would no longer be associated with this business, that is your right. Or we can ignore this and I can continue making you more many than what you are paying me but still much less than the buyout amount and loss of revenue from loss of clients under the accounts I manage. Personally, Ashley, I see this as a win for everyone; You do not have to endanger your job from a potential lawsuit and subsequent round of layoffs to cut expenses, I still continue to work from home and keep my salary, and both my clients and this company continue to make money."

Needless to say I had already warned my clients of the potential contract buyout during the rest of that Tuesday and already received multiple job offers the following Thursday should my contract be terminated.
As a wise Hammer has said, "Fuck A Bitch."

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Ratherbefishing 1 month ago

I was given a lot of shots before going overseas. Never could find out what they were. Get them or go on charge. Was back in the 1980's though.

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 1 month ago

One man had swelling groin, became sterile and his fiance bailed on him just before marriage. There is no approved mRNA shot available: The one given is under "emergency" which means that anything goes wrong there's no ability to sue. If the 'approved' version ever gets out, there will be so many lawsuits. As it is, the lawsuits against mandatory shots are multiplying like crazy.

I've passed the vid along to https://vivabarneslaw.locals.com/

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KerrAvon 1 month ago

Popps! All those discharges mean nothing now outside of maybe the purchase of a gun. VA benefits are being given to BIG CHICKEN DINNERS, DEE DEE's, and Other Than Honorables. It made the news for a DAY on FNC this is an OFF SHOOT for discharging all the Peter Puffers from the 1940's on to Don't Ask Don't Tell. VA will not deny you these days if you served 2 weeks in the Service. Another Biden Blunder.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

ZOG-U.S. is daring Karma to put us in a war with Russia and/or China. The outcome will be disastrous and we will get SPANKED. Russia will regain their old Warsaw Pact states and the most powerful man in Washington will be the Chinese Governor General. The U.S. Constitution hasn't been the organic law since 1860 and the current phantom illusion of the Constitution will be blown away. If we're lucky, the Chinese will burn down Hollywood, shoot them ALL as they flee the flames, and will hang TENS OF THOUSANDS of Zionists, politicians, lobbyists, banksters, CEO's, and other denizens of the Top 1% who've been selling us out for the past 40 years.

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TANGO666 1 month ago

fuck all this noise.

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