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The Truth About Sadism! - Part 5

Published on 16 Feb 2024 / In People & Blogs

This episode explores moral sadism, manipulation, double standards, religious/secular views, historical/psychological aspects, addiction ties, and unrecognized child abuse effects.

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Brief Summary

This episode explores the concept of moral sadism, where evil is disguised as good. We discuss examples of manipulation and the double standards that exist in society. We also examine the religious and secular perspectives on sadism and its consequences. Additionally, we delve into the historical and psychological aspects of sadistic behavior, as well as its connection to addiction. We challenge the notion that evil is solely a result of ignorance and explore various explanations, including the impact of dopamine. Lastly, we discuss the challenges of categorizing human behavior and the importance of recognizing and addressing the effects of unrecognized child abuse.


0:00:00 Sadism: Evolution and Forms
0:02:26 Society's Definition of Evil and Individual Application of Principles
0:10:23 The Cycle of Sadism and Christianity's Understanding
0:14:17 Breaking the Cycle of Sadism and the Loss of Morality
0:20:20 Morality as a Tool for Preying on Others
0:23:34 The Functional Role of Sadism in Systems of Power
0:26:36 Understanding the Morbid Perversion of Sadistic Behavior
0:29:34 The Shift from Evil to Mental Dysfunction
0:31:54 The Concept of Moral Mania and its Implications
0:41:37 Sadists as Degenerates in Victorian Era
0:43:44 Degenerates vs. Evil: Clarifying Moral Terminology
0:43:56 The Definition of Evil and Social Norms
0:46:33 The Source of Evil: Unrecognized Child Abuse

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