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The Truth About Hustle Culture

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Hustle is voluntary slavery to a sadistic Jewish economic system of usury, con jobs, gigs, online bullshit and other surrogate activities that destroys time-labor value. Hustle cannot finance anything long term, like a mortgage, family, and all the attendant long term obligations that a 1st World society is built upon. Hustling cannot put money forward towards retirement or even create a social safety net. Hustling for scraps only results in short-term exhaustion and you still have many decades to go. Hustling only reveals a deep dysfunction in the economy and it is no solution to anybody's problem.

There's no reason to work more than the usual eight hour day and a 40 hour work week. Back in Smoke Stack America (lots of factories, labor unions, and a vertically integrated economy), labor could command higher wages because their time-labor could create high value via manufacturing. You MUST have high capital investment to create real jobs that pay high wages. I''m talking Real Payroll Jobs; not the bullshit jobs of today that run on Jewish usury where all of the gains go to the Top 1%.

Infrastructure is also critical for manufacturing. Back in the day, working in public utilities or trains or trucking or transportation could also command high wages because of its symbiotic relationship with manufacturing. Hell, if nothing else, the free single American man who wasn't ambitious could get a job on a handshake. Unloading trucks in a warehouse or wiping down equipment in a factory or work on a farm and then move on. Such work was plentiful and depended on the above mentioned manufacturing economy as the main engine.

Union labor was NEVER OVERPRICED. What has dragged us down has been the dead weight of the Top 1%.

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