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The Trans Community Was Hoodwinked by Big Pharma | Grunt Speak

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Published on 29 Sep 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣Big Pharma wants permanent customers and hospitals wants permanent patients. That’s the grift.
#TerrencePopp #TransRegret #BigPharma

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Lorgar 2 months ago


This guy regrets transitionning

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DutchCobbler 2 months ago

Once they took gender diagnosis from the DSM5 all bets were off. Amazingly, gendered diagnosis are still made according to gender. So while you cannot be diagnosed as mentally ill according to the experts, they will diagnose someone with something like borderline personality disorder as a condition that predominantly affects biological females.

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AcquireZeal 2 months ago

On chemical imbalance... there's no test because it's the default hypothesis. If they can't explain your alleged mental disorder, it's a chemical imbalance. Same thing with genetics being the cause of every medical disorder that can't be explained any other way. I understand the need for a fall-back, but it's also possible to say "I don't know", just have to have some humility, which is sorely lacking in western culture.

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I think there is SOME genuinely legitimate trans children / younger people - but most of them are not....

The predatory "medical" industries around this issue, they need to be surgically removed from life and society.

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DutchCobbler 2 months ago

I know (and have known) many trans people, and they seem to act mostly like they're playing a game they've been unwittingly sucked into, and some quietly walk away when they realize the absurdity; most recently a child of about 12 was FTM and saw that the bandwagon was n't for her and decided she's a girl again. Others were not so lucky, many of them, if not most, have underlying mental health problems that have nothing to do with gender, such as bipolar or narcissistic personality disorder, and these issues are left unchecked and untreated because HRT is sold as a cure-all for their confusion.

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@DutchCobbler: There is also the old cure - "OK so your a boy / girl in a girls / boys body. Get used to it."

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