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The social media intellectual

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Published on 07 Apr 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣The social media intellectual

if you want to become an internet intellectual it is not a difficult task, you do not need to have extensive life experience or have read and interpreted the diverse literary and philosophical lines of thought that are available worldwide, you just need to pretend that you are, as many people out there do. What we see today are people who, due to an ideology, jump headlong into a matrix that is often radical and many of them have fanatical or even criminal tendencies, these people act like little "gods" of absolute knowledge, the owners of truth and lords of everything and everyone. It is the height of exacerbated egocentrism, they are tyrants and do not allow differences or similarities to exist. Many of them use the appearance of an intellectual as a character, using literary passages and pseudo-scientism to attribute value and weight in their rhetoric. A genuine intellectual can come from any social condition, being an intellectual is not something that is linked to genetics or geographic location. They are people who have a more critical worldview, they are the eternal questioners. An organic intellectual is a person who naturally has a pre-disposition for reading and analyzing and reflecting on his objects of interest, being he the eternal questioner, always in search of something more to satisfy his hunger for knowledge that seems to be insatiable, your thoughts have a personality charge added to your content acquired over the years of study and experience. A good intellectual is like wine, it takes time to mature, it is a force that always moves them towards improvement.

It is very common to find that pseudo intellectual who is a phenomenon in the social media, this type of character likes to get into debates where he will always position himself as the judge and owner of the truth, the best way to deal with a person with this type of profile is to move away and avoid maximum contact, with that you will keep your mind free so that peace is present. I never met a pseudo intellectual who was not an expert in everything, he is always the big winner and if you get into a debate with him, surely the lord of reason will take the debate to a level of intellectual dishonesty and attacks, it is inevitable, that's just how he "wins" a debate. In his mind, of course. One of the problems that I identify in these pseudo intellectuals, those who studied at least, is that they are mere pirate parrots, they imitate the whole way that their writers and philosophers write, thus making them just copy and paste robots, No there is nothing new and nothing genuine and much less natural and organic in all of this. It is sad and regrettable to know that many are being exalted and placed as great thinkers and future leaders of their causes, but deep down they are poorly made copies of their predecessors. Some philosophers have emerged in the last few decades in Brazil, they are rare exceptions and some have traces of truly authentic thoughts, perhaps there are those who say that they are the traces of a new philosophy, who knows? But I have to admit, even though I don't know all the thinkers, but I believe that it is very difficult to see a star appear in the darkness that is the intellectual life in Brazil.

I believe that what is missing for the Brazilian intellectual is not to be focused inside the boxes of conservatism or progression and not even being neutral, sometimes neutrality is the worst of all worlds, there has to be a third way to all of that, maybe the philosopher of no, the one who will say no, I don't want to participate and idealize an already idealized world, perhaps the philosopher of the human that exists within himself.


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