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The Sad Reality of Beautiful Women Today

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Published on 23 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

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On today's video Hafeez shares the sad reality of beautiful women today. Be sure to hit the subscribe button, comment below with your thoughts and be sure to get the manhood course via the link below.

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eldrazi317 1 month ago

The agony of the spirit is far worse than any flesh wound.

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AvyScottAndFlower 1 month ago

Physical beauty is a RED FLAG on women, today.

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SchemeHub 1 month ago

Crack a 0% beer and just watch how the world unfolds.

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sorearm 1 month ago

The reality of the wall and a life of no real financial future, cats and dildos will be there life. Men, learn these lessons and take the red pill as soon as you can. Learn the true nature of women and never be trapped.
They will cry into their boxes of cheap wine as their looks fail and they cry "where have all the good men gone" .... reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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