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Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In How-to & Style

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Go your own way guys

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Mr_Sluggo 1 month ago

I'm willing to bet they fucked like animals that night and that bitches pussy got hyper wet because of that beating.

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mrghoster 1 month ago

Always wondered how Russian's made love? Or was that just the chat up or flurting? Yep!" it must of been because then they start Dancing! Yep! SHE pulled, but more a case of a little Slap and tingle not tickle! Is the other women HIS wife? They really have not got the hang of this yet have they? It's the Wife that is supposed to punch the shit out of the GF? Hum! Nice to know Romance isn't totally dead then? lol!

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

He should have made the other blonde "witness" disappear.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

My guess is she is felating him as we speak. Lol.

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

So many women deserve this. If men did this women more often than not, women would not behave in the horrendously unacceptable way they do towards men.
Women should be a little afraid of men, not so free and unafraid that they start irrationally hitting men and think: "there's no consequences for my behavior."

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