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The Power Of Laziness and OnlyFans (A Blackpill Perspective)

Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher
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Published on 30 Jun 2020 / In Entertainment

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mikemichiganmgtow 10 days ago

Hey Bro Jo the philosopher; if a man thinks deeply about sex and the experience. the biggest
sex organ is the brain/mind. Ha when being with a women theirs always the risk of std's it's not worth it.
Back in the 80's in Germany prostitution was legal. walk into private parlor and and first thing she would ask is no glove no love. Ha Ha.
i have had been with many fine attractive women in the course of 25yrs. married 10yrs. even the best
experiences was not that full-filling or rewarding. gentlemen always be steadfastly discerning and intelligent in your choices.
Keep removing the ignorance and idiocy for the young bucks that what to hump on any vagina. Ha
Power, knowledge in Wisdom.
Peaceful thoughts mgtow brothers

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