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The Pfizer vaccine landed my Mom In the ER

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Published on 30 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

What's up Fam. Happy Tuesday. I will be starting back uploading videos again; thanks for your patience. If you're new to my channel subscribe for new videos every week.

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Johnny_Cage 20 hours ago

Yep. Let the stupid-ass American Black woman trust this vaccine. They're so dumb, they can't even do basic research about ANYTHING. They just trust the government and establishment, like they have since centuries ago. Let them destroy their health and sanity by trusting the government religiously. The powers-that-be want to make these Normies sick, and they want them to die off real soon. Remember the De-Population agenda?

The retarded American Black woman gets a bullshit, monkey-brain degree and thinks she's so much better than anyone else. They'll suffer the consequences and nobody gives a fuck about them. They've alienated everyone from giving a shit about them, so let them be "strong and independent."

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SQUEAK077 3 days ago

Friend of 15 yrs in another country was screaming at me over an app we talk on get your vax this is how brain washed people are.

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TheWealthy1 8 days ago

Damn. Hope her mom pulls through. Both my parents got the pfizer. I ain't touching that shit.

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