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The Necessity of Beating a Dead Horse

Published on 29 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣Produced by Stardusk

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Bagoodman 2 months ago

Part of the problem is we talk about this here in the mgtow community but that's not going to do it we have to bring it to the masses ( problem ) google & Y-T take down anything mgtow . But i found a small crack in there wall of silence . There starting to be other sights that don't block one is (slug dot com )
............ I made a reply there to a black woman . she ask why is it that white Men wont ask women out ? here is my reply to her !....Feminism And Women created MGTOW ! And the #me too movement Stopped Men from Dating ! The one sided divorce law's Have to be changed ! Men of today know there is nothing but trouble in getting Married . The women Throw men away like there garbage. And almost every time the Men Lose everything and it's a jackpot for the woman she gets the house and the children He has to pay child support until there 18/21 & alimony to her for the rest of her life. So to play a video game is safe . If you make love to a women if she wants she can just say he raped me and his life is over just from a word no proof needed ! You can't say a wrong word to a women if it ends up in a fight the women can hit you but you can't hit back or you go to jail & if she hits you it's taken as a joke . The way the law is if a man and a woman do the same crime He gets a full prison sentence she gets a slap on the wrist . Just check it out for yourself . As for white women with black men in the USA there is 50.8% women and 12.4% black men . So there is not even enough Black Men to Supply the demand and most do not get married it's just a sex thing ! So you ask (What is Worng with white Men ) The Problem is Extensive and Multifaceted . Many things have to change Starting with Divorce Law's And the third wave of Toxic Feminism . The Only Way i can see to even start to fix this is for the Good women that want Good men They Need to make a Bigger noise then the Feminist And Vote to Chang the Divorce Laws . The Facts Are There is No Equality Women have special Laws That give them the upper hand and Men have walked away . And THAT's MGTOW.. ( Men Going There Own Way ).................................. In this way we can bring the fight to them. Just a thought What do you Think ?

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