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The Highwater Report: Sharp Declines In Treasury Yields Equals Higher Gold Pricing (11th July 2021)

Published on 12 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics

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Welcome back to Jaguar Media - Business and Economics. In today's stream, I will be commenting on The "Hightower's Report" and explaining how gold, silver, copper, and zinc pricing shifts in relation to the market. The following article is featured by our dear friend Kitco, the link is provided in the description box down below.

Highwater Report. 8th July 2021. "Sharp declines in Treasury yields equal higher gold pricing": https://www.kitco.com/commenta....ries/2021-07-08/Shar
What do you think about the shift in gold, silver, and other precious metals markets? Will these commodities peak? Or plateau? Will demands increase as US treasury bond yields are bought out? Where do you see the market going?

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