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The Gynocentric Purge Has Begun/ 婦人中心のパージが始まった

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Published on 31 Mar 2022 / In Film & Animation

As a message to all men alike throughout the internet or anyother freedom loving patriot that when enough is enough in regards to tyrannical governents start to use state Gustavo agencies as a political weapon of mass control to thwart free speech and active non-compliance even us as peaceful men...That is such an act of tyranny which should never be tolerated by any means necessary

Any MGTOW that is targeted by the FBI in anyway for such reason is an act so unforgivible that it will be the first big shots herd around the world that will trigger a mass awakening even of too many normie-simps for the governents to contain.

So I hear by announce that we should file major class action lawsuits against the fedeal Gustavo's.

DEAR MEDIA TYRANTS : When resorting to unlawful witch-hunts against peaceful men for simply daring to speak out and walking away than you are nucking your own narrative in the very process. Even the FBI has finally destroyed it's reputation and has lost all credibility in the eyes of the male general population for they are the true enemy of we the people...That includes the fraudulent PUA apparatus who will lose more support from it's simps to the truth for which the gynocentric goverments and their fedealized agencies have overly exposed the anti-male narrative of misandry to all men to see first hand.

DEAR MGTOW BROTHERS: This will eventually run in our favor because this system has exposed themselves compmetely through that stunt which none of us will tolerate this...hold the line and sted fast brothers, Nothing Will Stop What Is Coming for the Male Awakening has offically begun.

Dear @Incelmatic and @IncelTv...To you guys out there who find this, Do not fall for any trap that the system has set in place. We as MGTOW are not or ever supposed to be your actual enemy, In reality we're just trying to help all men from all walks in life. it's fine to feel how you rightfully feel which is justifiable because of what you've been through too, but Heed these warnings because don't do any violent things that can give this establishment any ammunition to use against any of us.
so I am calling on all factions including, IBMOR, Laying Flat and many others including the herbivore men to all Reunite the manosphere and expose the governent owned PUA apparatus. together we win this war.

Herbavore Men TRANSLATION:



親愛なるメディアの専制君主:あなたがまさにその過程であなた自身の物語をいじくり回しているよりも、単に大胆に声を上げて立ち去るために、平和な男性に対して不法な魔女狩りに頼るとき。 FBIでさえ、ついにその評判を破壊し、男性の一般大衆の目にはすべての信頼を失いました。なぜなら、彼らは私たち国民の真の敵だからです...これには、単純なものからより多くの支持を失う詐欺的なPUA装置が含まれます婦人中心の政府とその連邦捜査局が、すべての男性にミサンドリーの反男性的な物語を直接目にするために過度に暴露した真実。


だから私は、IBMOR、Laying Flat、そして草食系の男性を含む他の多くの派閥に、マノスフィアを再会させ、政府所有のPUA装置を公開するよう呼びかけています。


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Igor MGTOW And Video Games

they are going to call us terrorists whatever we do.

even if we dont do anything we will be called terrorists.

we must help the incel community and become allies as both the mgtow and incel community can expose governments

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