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The French are doing many things right over Cost-of-Living

Published on 07 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

Sorry guy's another female Katie Hopkins video, but she is talking sense. Yep I know she mentions hopw wonderfukl French women are, with their smelly hairl armpits and garlic breath, but putting that aside I have to totally agree with her at what the French Government are doing for the Cost of living Crisis, and it's for ALL, not means tested either. Yey 40 miles or so over the channel here we are in the UK a complete shambles and a dinosaur in political and social structure and all because of greed. You would think with the current situation (that government caused) by the way, they would ease off a bit on the people. BUT no they hate our gut's because they are haeartless greedy psychopath's, doing what the English RICH have always done, and Failed eventually with revolution. But revolution isn't going to happen here whist all the "FUCK WITS" have their faces buried in a smartphone. Britian is finished and I'm treating it as so. I for one have already started to cut My cost od living by NOT giving my time or money to government or greedy corporate interesrs. Push comes to shove then the internet can go, Elkectricity bills can be lowered well are being lowered and I casn go even further with tinned foods instead of frozen foods and the freezer can go, The fridge as well because I can by an enamel Bread Bin and do what my grand parents did and keep milk and foods frest in a bag in cool water on a non sunny back door step. I am so fucking glat I was born in the mid 1950's! to even know about this stuff through personal experience. Also with my nature and mindset - OInce it's gone and an alternative found I NEVER return to the old way. Finally for those over the channel - "VIVA LA FRANCE" brother's

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Julian6669 1 year ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTDismMBKdQ have a look at this narrated by a woman..love it

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mrghoster 1 year ago

Interesting video! Thanks for the link. Mind you manifesting their perfect MAN with a Candle? Hum! I call that fefail Masturbation! lol!

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