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The Female Logic

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Comedy

⁣The Female Logic

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Duugus 1 month ago

Head up ass disease. lol

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luluopa 1 month ago

homem trai: filha da puta desonrado, cafageste
mulher trai: você nao deu atenção suficiente pra ela

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lyhyemmat 1 month ago

She's right, listen to her honesty.
The mistake is on the guys HAVING a relationship at all. Mgtow for life
Just use them for sex, that's what women are made for - your pleasure.

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WTAF? She means she HAS to get VD???

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PRICK 1 month ago

Ok... I'll keep my house, truck, wages, savings, and retirement, along with my quiet peaceful life, and you can keep whatever you have that is valuable, at least valuable in your own mind because I wouldn't touch it if you PAID me.
None of you are worth the risks. Mouse Utopia.

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RichardHead 22 days ago

Well said Prick.

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SPECTRE 1 month ago

stock up on cat food baby. you'll needed it.

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DutchCobbler 21 days ago

Buy stock in Purina and kitty litter, boys!

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 1 month ago

... lol this mindset need to be wiped from existence.

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Fangs13 1 month ago

so being a whore is fine, but being interested in other women is a crime!
this logic is of predators, either i get it all, or i kill you and take it all by force!

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 1 month ago

The logic and reasoning of an immature brain. The female brain. Puberty lasts from teens to menopause.

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ZEUSMGTOW 1 month ago

Saludos comunidad, seria fantástico, que pudieras poner SUBTITULOS en español, para toda comunidad que no conoce el idioma y te sigue. gracias.

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Councilof1 1 month ago

Typical hypocrisy from a woman; what a surprise! They couldn't be anymore stereotypical if they tried. They continually confirm every negative thing Redpill/MGTOW say about them. Way to confirm everything ladies although it isn't to your benefit.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Classic female poop brain mania. Double standards are at least standards right?

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