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The Death of Love - MGTOW

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Published on 29 Sep 2021 / In Science & Technology

An epiphany while recording.

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doomem2 11 months ago

Incel - believe in love and want women to love them.
MGTOW - don't believe in love and don't care about women, they have better things to do.

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doomem2 11 months ago

Human don't "pair-bonding" especially women, women are incapable of love they only love themselves,
man can love and sacrifice himself fore who he love and women deliberately take advantage of these facts

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shox 11 months ago

If you were implanted into the six year-old you, you wouldn't be able to change HER life in particular. But I don't agree that people are powerless to make an impact on the future. The Marxist-Leninist subverters of western society certainly don't believe that. Think of all the feminist professors, the Marxist academics, the Soviet agents and present-day Chinese agents, who over the decades have done SO much to rot western society from the inside out, each of them patiently making his/her own contribution to the overall course of events. They are gradualists-par--excellence. Today, we are bearing the bitter fruits of their concerted efforts - entire nations of irrevocably corrupted youth, steering western nations straight to their destruction. Though they are a relatively small number of people compared to the rest of the population, just look at how outsized their influence has been. Remember that line from The Shawshank Redemption: "Geology is the study of pressure and time... That's all it requires - Pressure and Time."

Take a page out of their frightful book: the key to effecting change is patience and gradualism. You wouldn't have been able to save your friends life because she was already caught up in the immense and omnipresent force of gynocentric society, with its corrupting influence on women and children. But you could have planted the seeds early in your life to ensure that others don't fall prey to her tragic fate. You would have disseminated the knowledge and warnings with greater urgency, you would have built up alternative communities and resources, such as your wonderful MGTOWMirror project, you would have reached more people, they would have reached more people, and so on and so forth, until your legacy outweighed the evil forces at work in the world. The tree needs time to grow and bear its fruit.

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zeitgeisteater 11 months ago

Excellent comment. You are absolutely correct. Your sentiment tends to intersect with my conclusion that men should be inching toward not being idle as events steamroll them.

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