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The Dark Side of Japanese Women

Published on 20 Sep 2020 / In Film & Animation

Honestly, I really liked Yui but we can't front, what she did was bad. Whatever shes up to these days I hope she's doing well. Also, when I was with a Japanese-American girl back home many of these complaints still applied. Obviously, this doesn't apply to all japanese women but stereotypes exist for a reason. If you find a good Japanese girl you can trust, wife her up.

In general it's been difficult to get close to girls here in Japan esp. in terms of dating. But then again that may just be because I'm quite selective and want something serious. Be careful of the gaijin hunters and what not.

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Fangs13 28 days ago

and they ask why suicide ratio is high and why waifus are getting fame ..
i will be shocked if by 2050 [if we live that long]] japan did not completely become a nation for men married to androids, and women married to their sex toys

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

Japanese chucks love that BBC

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Johnny_Cage 27 days ago

Lol you always have to remind us about that. ALL races of women fetishize Black men and are curious to taste the meat. But there is nothing different about sex with us; the big dick stereotype is only applicable to a small percentage of us. It's not the uniform truth.

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anonamoose 1 month ago

All my exes were pathological with the lying. You just have to assume if a woman is opening her mouth, she's lying to you.

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AvatarOfSgrA* ShaperOfThings

This is pure middle-school drama shit. ALL modern women are hoes!

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Metal_X 1 month ago

theyre all like that...

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AntiCuck1982 1 month ago

japanese women are worse... because they pretend better

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Councilof1 1 month ago

That's a term I never heard before: gaijin hunter.

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