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The Dark Secret Married Women Are Afraid To Tell You…

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Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Max_Dominate 4 months ago

@00:41 - This is why I'm mgtow. Men are nothing more than a utility for women. At the very least, be a utility for yourself: spend your own money on yourself and your hobbies. The result is you will be happy.

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Bagoodman 4 months ago

@MillieOConnor: We know you get money just to put adds like this on here But no one will fall for this shit .

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Bagoodman 4 months ago

@DanielleGriffin: We know you get money just to put adds like this on here But no one will fall for this shit .

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MGTOWSTRONG 4 months ago

I used to like Darius. What turned me off was his constant push for "likes" and "sessions". Unsubscribed on YTube and since I see this channel posts his vids....I'm unsubscribing from here as well. Good riddance? Yeah... Sure.

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Mgtow_economics 4 months ago

"Make more money, darling."
Meanwhile, GovNiggers just press Ctrl+P, then sit back and relax. We're working for paper that the Government can issue to themselves. Ridiculous.

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SQUEAK077 4 months ago

Going to friends weddings in the past i should have played the imperial march song.

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The best married woman is someone elses.. (problem)

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DutchCobbler 4 months ago

This raised some very interesting points. See how the married man acts, especially after the kids. See how forced his laughter is, how joyless he participates in his interactions with the wife, how their dispositions toward one another appears stale. See past the facade.

The Red Pill came from The Matrix, and was representative of John Anderson, Neo, waking up to the reality that the world wasn't what it appeared. What people that talk Red Pill often don't bring up is the further awakening Neo experienced near the ending, when he believed he was The One, and instead of realizing the world was an illusion, he saw it in lines of code. His eyes became the most open.

Look past the smiles, the laughter, the dreams you've built in your minds about what marriage is, and see it with your most open eyes. It served a purpose once, and men romanticized it to justify what became a larger and larger hardship. Look past the lies, and then look deeper, and you can do more than realize you're being lied to; you will see right through the lies with wide open eyes.

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whatever1 4 months ago

smart man

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nest006 4 months ago

I've seen a couple of your vids. Great content.

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Mr_Sluggo 4 months ago

Alpha Need, Beta seed....I gotta remember that one.
Thanks Dude! Great Video!

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