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The Cool Girl Trope, Explained

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Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

Sign up for Skillshare: | She's not like other girls. She's a COOL girl. But does this fun, junk food-loving hottie actually exist? And what's behind this myth? In this video, we take on how the Cool Girl has evolved onscreen and what she represents in our culture.

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Fangs13 1 month ago

...... wait! staying a size 2 IS SOMETHING YOU HATE?!!! ......... should i laugh or should i cry?! you REALLY want to get fat!!!!!
if you really believe that popular culture "STUPID JOKES" are what the men actually want.. you are beyond redemption!
no, no no and nope..
men don't want a tomboy girl as a guy for the night out, they don't like masculine girls , who act and do whatever a guy does.
but this is what the women think, and they are wrong!
this is not a cool girl ... this is a bitch trying to act like a man, that's all.
"strong girls" aren't desired, they are disgusting, and muscle bullies .. aren't even girl! these are mental disasters!

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Inslayerclone 2 months ago

men suffering job losses women most affected

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