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The Bidening Donald Trump Ad Mirror Aug 18, 2020

TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way!
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Published on 19 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

Funny as Fvck!

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SQUEAK077 3 months ago

twitter seems many chinese friends now are posting kitty videos 1 month ago they where posting political we will see what happens buy food

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You know what 2016-to before pre-2020 were some of the best years of my life before this planned/scammed corona-shit came out. I was making a great income, I had all the support for my handicap needs, I prevailed with my activism/video journalism, but all these globalists now want to destroy everything and now we take off our gloves and prepare to go after them! This is war, not war between countries, war between the people of Earth and the evil elitists, and they need to be publicly executed with no censorship at all!!!

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Start preparing for civil war all over the world. Unite Earthlings to get rid of all statists and kill feminism!!!

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