The basic goals of a man

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Published on 06 Apr 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣The basic goals of a man are to survive and inseminate as many females as possible, this is our animal nature, since women cannot have relationships with many men due to their nature, that is: giving birth to a baby every 9 months, so they are much more selective in nature, it is not an advantage for them to have many partners.

Female nature makes them very selective, and male nature makes us less selective, due to the need to inseminate as many females.

Social changes have reversed many roles and women are still selective, but due to their high demands, they are never satisfied they usually have several partners, imitating the masculine behavior of some men.

Society values ​​females too much, perhaps because of their ability to generate life, making them indispensable for civilization, think that if there was a war and only 10% of women remained, these would be the reproducers and only a few men would inseminate them, maybe that's why we value them so much, all of this is something unconscious of course, we don't think because they are more valued, being that we are the engine of society.

It is difficult to control our animal nature, I think this is the great personal challenge for every human being, I believe that the light of reason will open our eyes so that we can see the strings that hold the puppets, which until then were invisible, as well we can free ourselves from attachment to the feminine.

July 16, 2016 Wassermann

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sardonicsmile 10 months ago

"Society values females too much."


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