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Tattooed Girl Exposes The TRUTH About Modern Women

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Published on 27 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

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mrghoster 2 months ago

She want's to die alone? well that is a pretty forgone conclusion. Million's of women WILL die alone and they created the situation themselves, so don't com looking for my sympathy hoe's to dig YOU out of the hole (Grave) you dug for yourself! the more fefails that can be got rid of will be a blessing at least to the Western Cultures?

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The Spartan
The Spartan 2 months ago

A visual definition of "riff raff"

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Amanley Load
Amanley Load 2 months ago

There is a reason in UK we call Face tatoos tramp stamps.... Just don't tell mike tyson

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Maxxx 2 months ago

She looks like a demon.

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boby 2 months ago

True, there were horror movie characters back in the 90s that looked like her

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

We are living in times when you MUST judge a book by its cover. Especially when it's a woman. Their exterior is ALL ABOUT THEM.

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nest006 2 months ago

Every last thing visually about her is false and unattractive. Add the flailing false talons into her into her body language and this is avoid, avoid, avoid.

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Crazymic79 2 months ago

walking red flag parade

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