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TAOGYOW - Trolls and Bitch Think!

TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way!
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Published on 26 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

Go for it! Get me taken down...

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Bagoodman 2 months ago

It seems to me a lot of young dudes are on MGTOWtv now young hatters just bitching and blaming shit on the Government and everyone else . Young Men Raised by single mothers . They Don't know how to be Men and fix shit ! Bitching is al they have ever Learned .

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zarroth 2 months ago

wish people would label these types of videos. I don't want to listen to content creators whining about each other. Whatever issues you are having between yourselves should stay there.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

Threaten to to report you? Sound's like the kid's in school who'd tell the teacher all the rules that were broken while the teacher was out of class.

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jimbennett 2 months ago

i'm gonna take 3 beers and go for a little drive a bout. listen to some good tunes..

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jimbennett 2 months ago

big surprise , some people are all about themselves.. They want to have more views more attention to "win" without substance. . being wrong and having a following,, is not winning. it's the blind leading the blind.. of course some overzealous young wannabe will overstep , , and just make themselves look bad.. of course iut is what it is. .lol Happy Thanksgiving everyone. .;) ..

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

A Man can speak or at ought to be able to speak their mind.

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Wolf_joseph 2 months ago

Probably the same trolls that tried crashing the site by uploading extremely long videos

What a good wait of time, not.

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