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Suicide, Kryptonite and Some Final Thoughts on NAWALT

Published on 30 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

Just my thoughts on these things...
Produced by StarDusk

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Fangs13 4 months ago

men are killing themselves because "justice" doesn't exist in this hell.
they are killing themselves because the world and its inhabitants are attacking them and dehumanizing them in every single turn and move
our DNA is not worth reserving or reproducing since this hell is not a place worthy of keeping life or investment anymore.
in fact i am a late 20s guy who is planing on either dying before 40, or suicide at 39, i will not reach 40 PERIOD!
why? because the world is not welcoming! it's not safe, humans aren't worthy reserving, and after being dumped and rejected 111 times i will die a single virgin male. and i honestly do not care! death is more just and more merciful than this curse you call life!
no job is worth holding into, no family is worth creating, people call me a nihilist, but i am simply a realistic person. nothing in existence is worthy of living for. honestly as i am in my late 20s i have already lived too long and seen too much bullshit.

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