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Story Time: Why Airbeds Are A Bad Investment

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 05 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

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sauger1001 2 months ago

For what it's worth, I found it better to use an air mattress (elevated or not) on a basic metal bed frame/optional headboard, with a foam foundation, instead of as a standalone, long term. Found some good deals at Walmart for $30-$70, depending on preference and budget. If I get a Queen size Seely air mattress (Bedding section) for $50-$60, it will last me 3-5 years. Intex makes a decent one also (Camping section) for $40-$50. Miss my King size water bed. Lasted 10yrs before springing a leak. Lots of "good times", and also slept like a baby. LMAO! Hope that helps.

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