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Stop Trying To Connect With Everyone You Meet!

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 18 Dec 2020 / In Entertainment

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Johnny_Cage 4 months ago

This is the story of my life, seriously. The Internet and sites like this one are enabling us good, smart, conscious red/black-pilled men to find like-minded men to connect with. We're coming on up in consciousness, intellect, and success by linking up with each other.

As I said in my most recent video, time is of the essence with all the chaos and discord going on in the world. It's why I said [in the video] that finding true spirituality is extremely important going forward. That's what we're doing here, but it's very important that we stay on track and follow the political and social battles/upheavals that are going on around us. If your consciousness/vibration is not raising along with the wave that is coming, you'll be left behind and miss a lot of opportunities.

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 4 months ago

Hell yeah, that's all I'm doing right now. Just leveling up and staying low-key, not trying to save anyone that's hardheaded as they need to learn the hard way. Oh yeah, I got the alert on your vid and will watch it and drop a comment. Stay up and keep bringing the content!

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Hammerhead69 4 months ago

Again true as can be.

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