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stop bullying campaigns expose hypocrisy towards heterosexual male suicide

Published on 10 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣Produced by barbarbarossaaa

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Wolf178 1 month ago

Myself being parentally alienated, even after taking care of some other man's child. Can tell you that the hardest days are holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. Can't really do anything because she just jumps states (4 times in a 3 year period). And I'm not paying a lawyer's bill for what should be my given right. Christmas 2018 I send her a text for her to call me so I can talk with my boys and she replied no I don't want them to have a Christmas with you then sends pics of them opening presents. I pay Child support and their medical insurance. I told myself fuck it. I'll see them as adults and if they hate me oh the fuck well. She's angry I left her but she thinks she has the right to berate me because she is a independent black woman. Yeah right my good credit and work ethic built the empire she lived in. Gentlemen you have to kill the heart. There is no purpose to have it.

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