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Steps On How ANY Man Can Improve His SMV: The 6 "Sixes" of Men

Red Pill Men's Health
Published on 22 Jul 2020 / In How-to & Style

Insta: @redpillmenshealth; Twitter: @redpillhealth
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Briffault's Law

In this episode, Gregory discusses 6 ways in which any man can improve his sexual marketplace value (SMV) by using the rubric of "The Six 6."
1. 6 Figure Income
2. 600 Horsepower Car
3. 6-Pac Abs
5. Minimum 6-feet tall
6. 6 inches below "the belt"
Even if you are Level II MGTOW or more, it behooves all men to improve their SMV. Not only to garner more attention from higher SMV women, but to gain confidence which will power their own self-actualization and self empowerment.

Music courtesy of NIN via Free Music Archive.

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rikgar 17 days ago

Man I just discovered you, watched a few vids, like what I hear, you're doing a great job, thanks! Keep up the good work, it's food for thought.

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