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Socio-Biological Equilibrium In The Male-Female Ecosystem

Published on 01 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

Social systems are ultimately outgrowths of systems that exist in nature and reflect those to large degrees. I explore the relationship between societal homeostasis and disruptions currently being experienced in today's environment.

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JustinPeanuts 3 months ago

Prior to about 1920, most western countries had societies that were a balance between gynocentrism and patriarchy.
Patriarchy has disappeared and feminism has been added to gynocentrism. This has resulted in Western societies being out of balance.
There currently appears to be a number of likely outcomes. The first reasonable outcome is that Western societies will go extinct and be replaced by another culture such as Islam. Other survival outcomes will probably require the demise of feminism and possibly gynocentrism. Since all human societies todate have been gynocentric, the emergence of a non gynocentric society is likely to be a very significant change.

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MGTOW_Viking 2 months ago

Very true.. life will continue as it always has.. only question is in what shape. I agree with Stardusk regarding gender relations being damaged beyond repair, so we will likely see an entire new kind of structure emerging over the coming decades.

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