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Jo The Philosopher
Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

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SIGMA78 10 days ago


Here’s an important video I made

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Johnny_Cage 10 days ago

YES!! Excellente! Encore! Encorillo!!

I'm going to refer to some of the points in this video, in my next few Black Pill videos. I really want to personally do some videos where I explain what SPECIFIC things/events makes the Black Pill different, separate, and much more profound than the Red Pill. I'll make metaphors and maybe a parable to explain it in irrefutable ways. So that we stop getting so many accusations that the Black Pill does not exist apart from the Red Pill.

Fantastic short video, Jo.

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 10 days ago

Of course, make as many videos as necessary. And thanks for the compliment, much appreciated!

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