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single mother argues: "stop telling men to NOT date single mothers..."

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Published on 22 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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lyhyemmat 26 days ago

Single mothers are ok, if there wasn't no welfare system they would just go back to their baby daddy.
That's how it has always worked, I'm ok with that.

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GhostPlodderES 27 days ago

50 years ago a single mother would appreciate and commit to a man that would marry her and embrace her child. Now women despise men like that, look upon them as weak, now men just say no with their feet and their wallets. Hoe culture on full display in social media, it's in your face. Thankful so many men being saved from the HELL of marriage to a demon feminist monster.

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lyhyemmat 26 days ago

The women in the old days also hated that weak men. They just didn't have the option of welfare, she need him to survive. Women haven't changed, they don't need too - the system is the problem.

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PRICK 27 days ago

If you as a man will NOT look out for your own best interests in life, no one will.

She posited a question "Should single mothers just end their lives???" No one suggested that, but they should take responsibility for their choices, and not look to put it off on some other man that didn't make the child.

She seems to be upset that not only men aren't rushing in to take on women's burdens, but that now the internet is informing young men about the potential consequences of raising another man's child.

Every man that doesn't take on a single mothers burden has a 60 yard head start in a 100 yard race/life.

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This chick is fair etc, but BUT she is not the one having to date them....


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SOUKadath 27 days ago

We don't hate single mothers. We pay attention to them without lying to ourselves. They HATE that.

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