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Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Some parts of society have definitely proven that they have absolutely NOTHING to contribute to the advancement of humanity.

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GhostPlodderES 10 days ago

Sick, the disrespect of the police force.

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SQUEAK077 10 days ago

after my buddy who was still in the army killed/shot by 3 police 13 times fuck the police he was 1 month back from Afganistan just 2 weeks out of a divorce walking back from a party another buy in the army watched the whole after effect him sitting on the ground blood coming out of his mouth. he has no weapon. A marine a few months later was killed in his car outside of his residence they took the body left the blood on the ground his wife/family cleaned it up over the kids a few hours later got his kids ready to go to school fuck up huh... DHS is the same way all this power idiots in charge nothing but Karens. I have meet so many in my life i would never trust with a .45. The years of abuse any good officer I knew moved out of my area during or after retirement or taking an early retirement over what is coming. Ever heard of the Erickson Files? A psychological report on how to hire police/fed agents good little soldiers report i think was made by a university in the 40s.

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SoloManZone 10 days ago

All femons Twerking for attention

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Mark E
Mark E 12 days ago

What a great place for a nuclear warhead!

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Maxxx 12 days ago


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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 12 days ago

This is even more damning evidence of the police in Chicago.
Who's side are they on?

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Hammerhead69 12 days ago

They are hamstrung by the politicians, was a time the same party held the reins and used the police as enforcers. Chicago is a shit hole has been for a long time.

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