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She went crazy when he suggested they LOWER THE NET TO ALLOW WOMEN TO DUNK.

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Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

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John_Doe 1 month ago

Here's the thing they fail to understand. They want to play basketball for the love of the sport, for the competitiveness of the game, for the personal satisfaction and enjoyment it brings? Great! Go down to the local park and shoot some hoops.

But the moment they walk onto a professional court and expect to be paid to play basketball, they cease being basketball players. Instead, they've become entertainers; basketball just happens to be their chosen medium of entertainment. And as entertainers - just like musicians, just like actors, just like anyone else who gets paid to perform - the money you're paid isn't set by you, the entertainer. No. It's set by your audience, the entertained.

It's the audience, the people being entertained, who choose how much your effort, your performance, is worth to them. It is they - not you, the entertainer - who get to set the price, who get to choose how much of their discretionary income they're willing to part with to be entertained by you.

You want to play basketball? No shortage of local parks, gyms, and community rec centers with courts and hoops. Go play. You want to get PAID to play? Then you're at the mercy of what the audience is willing to pay you. You're then no longer a basketball player; you've become an entertainer. And like all entertainers, you're at the mercy of what the market will bear.

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