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she says to her husband "I still require monogamy even though I can no longer adequately please

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Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Sir 9 months ago

I agree, that the guy should've checked to see if that woman was compatible with his sexual wants/needs before getting married to this broad.

However, that Woman in that video or ANY Woman, for that matter, would have to be a profound Fu*king Idiot to assume or think that providing sex for their husband is not expected throughout a Marriage. If not, then there would be and have NEVER been little to any incentive for Men to get Married to ANY Women. And knowing that Sex in Marriage nowadays tends to decline due to mostly the unilateral decision/choice of the Wife; it's one of the few big reasons Men should not get Married. Since there really are little to no benefits.

Lastly, of course, that woman is using detracting tactics to try and avoid answering the initial question about sex with her husband because there is no answer that will make her look like the justified party; as her answer proves.

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downzeitor 10 months ago

the simping was strong on that one on the podcast... oh boy.

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Furioso 10 months ago

Translation :She wants a safety net beta male paycheck when bad boys Chad and Tyrone no longer want her .

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