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she said: "break up with the 'nice' guy" | why men NEED to MASTER female nature...

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Published on 29 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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bousso 8 months ago

insane cunt, men should not treat this monsters with respect , is the best foe them.

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I think one of the very good things about SHIT women, who give SHIT relationships, is that they can be a source of great learning and improvement.

I had one ex, Ohhhh she was terrible... and I really liked her and wanted to keep this as a good life long relationship - but it was rescuing a basket case - I mean she was fractured like a picture puzzle and there were a few big issues there...

Anyway she fucked it all up, with her mother on her case etc.,

And my own bleeding heart routine, Oh the endless "Oh woe is me - if only - I / we / she/ they / her mother - said / did / this, that and the other" whining sessions at my friends.....

Well I kept that shit up for months... and I got so tired of this crap I was typing up in HUGE 20 page letters etc., that even I could not stand to read it.

And that is when I changed.

If there are issues, short list it by drawing up a small bullet pointed list, name the issues, make a determination to act, contemplate further or let it drop, and then make a decision to get on with it and get on with the rest of your life.

These days I don't spend much, if any real time, mulling over relationship issues, and if there are any, "What you see IS what you get" and it is either workable, issues to idle or reflect further on, or it's something to dump / reject or leave behind.

Relationship issues are like shopping lists.


Necessities and bills:



disposable income.


Get this, that and the other.

Auto parts store:

These parts, those parts and some spares.


And do the same approach to relationship issues.

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Mr_Sluggo 8 months ago

I use to be the nice guy in my 20's (Anikin Skywalker) but after a few bad relationships in college sent me into super villain mode (Darth Vader) Well...I don't really see Darth Vader as a villain at all. Hell, Sith Lords follow their passions. Gentlemen...Don't become a Jedi...BECOME A SITH!!!

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