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She is so strong and so protected with the face diaper alone in the gym.

The Man Inside
The Man Inside
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Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Comedy

I'm sure the equipment could infect her with some sort of respiratory infection, considering there's no one else in that room, only the equipment can pass on an infection. But no way a strong woman could be crushed by heavy equipment. No, no.

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WMHarrison94 4 months ago

Interesting, she does have a camel toe. I did not notice. I was expecting Captain Save Hoe simp materialize, help her, cope a feel, and accidentally bump her with his boner pretending she touched his peepee. I know the video said alone, but are women ever really alone? If so, then I guess we ghosterarhaving an impact!

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InfiniteMushroom 5 months ago

Nobody cares if she's stuck under the bar. We just want to see that camel toe.

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sauger1001 5 months ago

Never know. It could be a (((camel toe))). Lol.

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TrapDoor001 5 months ago

ROFLMAO, Thank you I needed that. :)

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Maxxx 5 months ago

She fucking loves it.

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NoFemVAL 5 months ago

Look, another dumb cunt.

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InfiniteMushroom 4 months ago

There's no shortage of them.

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