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She is now arrested ?

Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW
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Published on 21 Mar 2020 / In Pets & Animals

⁣She is now arrested ?

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TheNarcsEnemy 1 day ago

Hmm my guess is this disability would be a personality disorder... something like NPD or BPD. Perhaps I'm just biased :p

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wild_prepper 5 days ago

Another parasite.

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SentientVerity 10 days ago

her disability is she is a crazy cat lady who hit the wall and nobody want's to take care of her.
but she knows men are more than likely to give a homeless women money than a man. and she doesn't have to do a damn thing for it.

this kind of thing is going to increase in the coming years, and even though most men have not waken up to it. they eventually will get that red pill and stop helping these women. and this is why it will increase because men won't want to be around women at any cost.

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AntiCuck1982 10 days ago

nao vai demorar ate essa desgraça arrumar um mangina pra agredir esses caras

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Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW 10 days ago

No final do video ela o ameaçou de morte.

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Pardon 10 days ago

Self entitled, pig eyed, bitch! Guarantee that area has plenty of homeless men, some of them veterans, many of them victims of divorce rape and female privilege in the courts, yet females & manginas will fall for this four eyed turd's scamming and give HER their money rather than to those who are more deserving and needy! I don't do this very often: I hope you die HORRIBLY you miserable creature!!

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